Elmec Heater manufacturers have been a pioneer in quality of Linear potentiometer on heaters in India which meets all industry standards. It also builds technically possible heaters as per client requirements. They prefer a wide range of linear sensors, linear transducers, and linear displacement transducers.
The press brake scale has a high mounting tolerance and high-performance resolution of 1-10 µm and accuracy up to ±10 µm/m. These are mainly used sheet metal machines for measurements up to 2000mm to achieve the best performance. To reduce the mistakes that occurred due to temperature changes mounting points and designs are used. The vibrations caused on the other side are reduced by taking special measures.
Resistive Linear Position Transducers have high precision and are simply mounted. The main applications are Injection Moulding, Textile, Transfer, and Hydraulic Machines. A Linear potentiometer converts an object's linear motion into electrical signals. Linear position sensors can measure movements of as small or as few as millions of an inch up to several inches and these sensors can also measure up to ±30 inches.
The linear movement of a multi-pole magnetic strip is measured by the Linear Magnetic Position Sensor products. The high precision product allows for the detection of linear movement with a resolution of 0.5µm. We offer products as per the needs and demands of our clients and at affordable rates.