Welcome to the gssjain gurukul School. Boarding school India We are a faculty which focuses on all-boys’ boarding education for pupils aged 12-18. International Boarding School varsity is perhaps the sole ‘All India’ school with applications from almost every state annually, also as from Indian families overseas. The gssjain gurukul School is one among India’s finest schools, with Boys and girls Boarding Schools in Chennai a robust intellectual heartbeat. The gssjain gurukul School maybe a full private school for boys only and not simply a faculty which welcomes borders. Boarding school India beautiful seventy-acre campus features a vast range of flora, fauna and birdlife. the varsity provides an education that nurtures the traditions of our culture and also absorbs the finer influences of the west. It focuses on the all-round development of personality and thorough education of women so as to form them conscientious and responsible citizens.