Where can I turn off the automatic renaming of files based on TOC?

It created a huge problem for international version of a book. Regardless of the language, I want all the files to be named the same, e.g. "Introduction.md"

However, when the German translator changes in TOC the "Introduction" to "Einleitung", the file is being renamed to "Einleitung.md"

This makes using any normal Merge/Diff software impossible, because instead of showing me automatically both files based on the name, I have to find out which file in the German translation is the equivalent to the English, since now the names are different.

It also created huge problems with GitHub. Yesterday a German user changed the TOC file, and suddenly 142 files have been renamed, creating total chaos and conflicts on my side when I wanted to upload my changes.

Another issue: when we have tutorials in different languages, I could easily provide links to the different version, just by changing the language part of the URL, because everything else would stay the same. Now this is gone, because in every language version also the file names will be different! :(

It also makes any search/replace in specific files impossible. We have over 70 books, and several of them have translations. Now I want to change the copyright year in files called "Introduction.md" across all books and all translations. This is now impossible :(

Unless I am missing something, this was a HUGE disruption in our process of developing international documentation, because after you cancelled the multi-lingual solution from your previous version, we could still use the existing structure of the folders, but even this is not possible anymore, making everything pretty much useless for us.

Why can't we use the same way as the URL links? The link name can change, but the link stays the same?

For an example see:

English: https://xoops.gitbook.io/wgtimelines-tutorial/english/introduction

German: https://xoops.gitbook.io/wgtimelines-tutorial/deutsch/einleitung