Currently, is restricted to the Legacy gitbook. We have a need to use the API in order to automate the display of some pages from our books into an external system (a Discord Bot).
Our needs for our own project is simple:
  • Listing all pages of a book in a hierarchical format JSON file, including the title, slug (path), and Description (the part between the title and contents).
Of course, one would expect that the feature set currently documented on be implemented. Additionally, I'd see the following could be implemented:
  • Generate branch from trunk or branch.
  • Delete branch
  • Rename branch (name/path)
  • Get page info (like my "list all pages" but for only one page)
  • Edit page info (change path, description, title)
  • set page parent/position ("move" a page)
Editing a page's content might be beyond the scope of this API, but I'm sure some would find it useful. Though tbh it can be done through git.