The finned air heater is made like basic tubular elements with the adding up of continuous spiral fins. Fins to a great extent increase surface area and allow faster hear transfer to air, ensuing in lower surface element temperatures. Heater Element for Air is the most adaptable and the best-suited solutions to a large number of applications.
finned air heater is built using a robust tubular element as the foundation of construction. Fin material is endlessly wound firmly on the element surface to increase the convective surface region for air and non-corrosive gas heating. Fin spacing and size have been experienced and selected to optimize performance. Steel finned units are then furnace brazed, bonding the fins to the sheath to amplify conductive efficiency. This allows higher wattage levels to be experienced in the same flow area and produces lower sheath temperatures prolonging heater life. For elevated temperature or more corrosive applications, stainless steel fins firmly wound on alloy sheath are offered.
Application ambience like vibration and toxic or flammable items should be avoided when installing the finned heaters. Protective coatings are presented for use on steel finned heaters for slightly corrosive or high humidity applications. The finned heaters are easy to utilize than open coil heaters as the danger of fire from combustible particles in the flow stream and electrical shock is lesser. Better service life and less maintenance necessary due to the coarse finned element making.
Elmec being one of the best Chemical Immersion heaters manufacturers in Chennai India has a wide range of heaters to complement the need of chemical processes used in the industry. Companies will have to decide what type they should choose because this will decide their principles and strategies to execute. Because immersion heaters are used for diverse industrial applications, companies should have to be well-known with what they are going to buy.
As the name suggests, immersion heaters are usually immersed in solvents, molten materials, gases, oils, water and process solutions, wherever they heat the liquid by releasing their energy, thus making them extremely energy efficient. These heaters are accessible in diverse sizes, terminations, accessories, kilowatt ratings, voltages and sheath materials and as a result, allow companies to tailor them as they want.
Backed with the newest technology, we proffer an extensive range of highest quality Chemical Immersion Heater that is used for a variety of application like dull nickel, bright nickel and chrome application. These are without difficulty to install with a junction and enclosed with a cap. Our variety of Chemical Immersion Heaters is complete employing titanium tube.